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Different Names For The Same Thing

Posted on: May 11, 2009

I was driving home tonight with the windows down at dusk. The sky was awesome; the air was cool and felt refreshing. I had been listening to the CD “Plans” by Death Cab For Cutie. This could be my favorite album of all time. Yes I know it’s not an “album” but for nostalgic reasons I will forever call any complete work of music an album – deal with it. Anyway I had been listening to it in the background for the entirety of my ride but at the very moment I became aware of the my surroundings and the incredible evening track 4, Different Names For The Same Thing was starting. Wicked tune. A keeper for sure. It was the perfect song for that moment.

PlansHere’s what I want you to do. If you already have this track queue it up now. If not please go immediately to your music download site of choice and download it now. Right now. What are you waiting for go. The rest of us will wait here for you but please hurry…. All right here are the steps I want you to follow after you have the track ready to go. This is important so please don’t skip any steps:

1. Grab your earphones or headphones or your iPod if it’s easier.
2. Queue up track 4 on Death Cab For Cuties “Plans”
3. Turn off every light in the room you are in and lie down in the center of the room on the floor spread eagle style.
4. Put on your phones of choice and crank this tune up to the highest ear bleeding level possible. (if your ears are actually bleeding or your brain hurts, you have gone too far)
5. Close your eyes and feel this song from start to finish.
6. Smile and feel great!

This song feels like a good stretch to me. I love how it builds from a simple piano vocal combo and a neat accompaniment from what sounds a great deal like a fireplace in the background. My favorite part is at precisely 2:08 in the track where the instruments start to build one at a time, one after another for a lengthy crescendo. This is great driving music and a great lying spread eagled on the living room floor in complete darkness tune as well. I highly recommend this CD as a whole.


That’s a Life of Tunes keeper!

Band: Death Cab For Cutie
Album: Plans (2005)
Track: Different Names For The Same Thing


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