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How, how are we off on a tangent again?

Posted on: May 12, 2009

Today’s song is actually two. That’s because I am unable to separate the two in my mind. You know, like bacon and eggs, Laurel and Hardy or rashes and cream – ewwww. I discovered Mutemath around the time that their first self titled album was released in September 2006. This is one of those bands that I just have a personal connection with. I have shared my enjoyment of their music with friends and family and some buy in and some do not. When I think of Mutemath, I think of percussion. The drumming is more prominent than with some other bands and I love it as a result. They’re definitely a keeper. The tracks that I immediately gravitated to and that came up for me again today are tracks 7 “Stare At The Sun” and 8 “Obsolete“. Listen to them together. It’s important that when you listen to these tracks that you have them setup as gapless on your player; that is to say no space between the songs. This cd is best experienced in its entirety in my opinion. If you can, invest an hour and listen the whole thing at once without distraction. As you will see if you read more of my entries, driving and music go hand and hand for me. These are great driving tunes. I can’t help but air drum the steering wheel and get my groove on in the safety of my personal V6 dance studio while listening to this. Sorry for the visual.

mutemathThis morning I felt a real connection to these tunes as I was driving home from some errands. The music itself was first. On the road with great music. It brought some focus to what I was listening to and a realization that I was hearing what I needed to hear. Yesterday brought some…. tension let’s say with my ex. The opening line “How, how are we off on a tangent again” was exactly how I was feeling at that moment. “You’d think we would notice our eyes are burning up” singer Paul Meany was instructing me.  The song seemed to be telling me that we keep doing the same things and getting the same results, as painful as they are, because we refuse to try something different. Novel idea eh? Trying something different. Something to think about.

Download it queue it up and enjoy. They are definitely Life of Tunes keepers.

Band: Mutemath
Album: Mutemath (2006)
Track: Stare At The Sun, Obsolete


1 Response to "How, how are we off on a tangent again?"

Yes,yes. I know all about these guys. The percussion is fantastic and definately dominates. I love the seemless blend of the music. Kind of like a classical symphonies session. 😉
I’m already a fan and I listen to it often…still. 🙂

I’m less than patiently waiting for more.

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