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UNKLE Rasputin: What are you to me?

Posted on: May 13, 2009

Here I sit giggling like schoolgirl. Somehow listening to today’s track has me thinking of Boney M and for those of you who are not aware Boney M makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. More to come on that shortly. I first want to say how much I am enjoying the Genius feature on the latest version of ITunes. Lately what I have been doing is scanning though my library for a song that really speaks to me, and then I use the ITunes Genius to create a playlist based on the style of song I chose. It brings up tracks that I otherwise may not hear very often and I get a kick out of rediscovering something old or just forgotten. Often it is way off base but the variety is still nice. I was listening to Blockhead’s “Music By Cavelight” and one of the songs it spit out was track 6 of UNKLE’s Never Never Land album, “What Are You To Me?”  This immediately peaked my interest from the other room so I parked myself beside my speakers for a few minutes to have a listen. There are some definite trends I notice in my favorite songs and this song is no different. The song builds, layer upon layer and gradually reaches a climax. It is heavily percussive and it has many different sounds. Interest is created through areas of quiet, strength and intensity.  night flight

Imagine my surprise when I busted out laughing at precisely 2:38 of this track. My neighbor who was sending her kids off to school seemed to think it was a bit odd as well based on her facial expression. The reason for this burst of laughter at precisely 2:38 of the very serious sounding “What Are You To Me?” is the link between the two. It intensely reminds me of Boney M. If you have the time right now queue up What Are You To Me?” by UNKLE and “Rasputin” by Boney M off of one of the most beloved albums of all time, “Night Flight To Venus”. No I’m not kidding. This name, also the name of the title track is enough to bust a gut on its own. Anyway, I digress.  Queue up “What Are You To Me?” at 2:38 and then immediately listen to “Rasputin”. The drumming couldn’t be more similar! Well of course it really could but you get the point. Listening to this song brought back vivid memories of sitting on the floor in my parent’s living room and staring incredulously at the front cover of “Night Flight To Venus” wondering honestly if this could be the most ridiculous album cover of all time.  Ahhh good times, good times.



nnlandUNKLE’s “What Are You To Me?” is a definite Life of Tunes keeper. And what about Ra-Ra-Rasputin; Russia’s greatest love machine? Any song from 1978 that still manages to find its way to plethora’s of weddings, legion dinners and company Christmas parties must have something going for it. Wunderbar!

Album: Never Never Land (2004)
Track: What Are You To Me?


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