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A Kick In The Ass From Carlos Vives

Posted on: May 14, 2009

Do you have a song that kicks you in the ass when you need it? You know when you’d rather ingest the contents of one those overflowing buckets of cigarette butts festering in 6 day old rainwater strategically placed just outside the entrance to your community health centre instead of doing what you need to do. What’s with that anyway? Whenever I get the urge to go that route, I try queuing up A Las Doce Menos Diez by Colombian singer/songwriter Carlos Vives first and it’s never let me down. This is track 7 off the Déjame Entrar album and it’s worth a listen. You can listen to it here on my 8tracks mix for free.

This morning I was belaboring the merits of washing clothes vs. letting their “natural scent” leech into the carpet of my closet floor and decided that a kick in the ass was in order. Since it was 9AM I decided to grab my iPod instead of rattling the windows with tribal sounds. This track just begs to be cranked. A direct translation on Yahoo’s Babel Fish tells me “To Twelve Less The Ten” is the English and no that wasn’t a typo. A little further digging and a few light bulbs later Wikipedia ads some clarity. “Ten Til’ Twelve” is less direct but makes a heck of a lot more sense.

The interesting thing about this song is that I really don’t have a clue what Carlos Vives is singing or what the song is about. In this endeavor however it’s quite irrelevant. The important thing is that with this music as the soundtrack, my dishes and clothes become unbelievably clean, chrome and glass shines impossibly and there is a sparkle in my eye. I double dog dare you to try and sit still while playing this track. If only I hadn’t put down the accordion in my youth. Check it out now. I guarantee (in a non-binding and completely facetious way) you will not be disappointed. Download it now. Get some work done. Thank me for the virtual kick in the ass you were looking for. A Las Doce Menos Diez by Carlos Vives is definitely a Life of Tunes Keeper!

Artist: Carlos Vives
Album: Déjame Entrar (2001)
Track: A Las Doce Menos Diez
Website: (US only)


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