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Midnight Oil did you say? Truganini of Earth and Sun and Moon.

Posted on: May 21, 2009

eath and sun and moonToday’s Life of Tunes keeper was a nice surprise on a beautiful sunny day. I was just getting ready to head out to the car and do some work when my shuffle spit out Midnight Oil’s Truganini off their Earth and Sun and Moon album. Wow did that immediately transport me back to the summer of 1993 just after it was released. I played this cd over and over again from the moment I got it. I am not sure when, but I also have fuzzy memories of renting a white convertible to head on a weekend concert road trip and this album being the soundtrack for that weekend. Can you believe it, a white convertible? Ewwwww.  Music is such a part of my memories both good and bad. I often remember where I was the first time I heard a song and memories that I haven’t accessed in years come rushing back. That’s what happened today.

As I listened to this song today it didn’t scream 90’s to me though it clearly is. For me this song is timeless. Anyway back to my story, hearing this track as I was just heading out the door had me digging through my cd cupboard in a panic. I had to be somewhere at a certain time but there was no way in hell that I was not going to be cranking this cd in the car today. I found it and made it to my first appointment with time to spare barely!

Listening to this Midnight Oil cd today also has me thinking about seeing them live around the time of the release, I would guess the summer of 93. What a great show they put on, Lead singer Peter Garrett was as dynamic and charismatic as any performance artist I have seen to date. Listening to his discourse about world issues had me wanting to rush out and save the world. (I haven’t got to it yet – back off!)

I feel so juiced when I hear a song that I love on a warm and sunny day. The gods of music smiled down on me today and sent me a little jewel from the past. I hope you enjoy Midnight Oil’s Truganini it’s your Life of Tunes keeper.


6 Responses to "Midnight Oil did you say? Truganini of Earth and Sun and Moon."

I agree! Earth & Sun & Moon is a fantastic album. Not just as a Midnight Oil album but as an album album. There is not a single song on there that disappoints in my opinion. Most definitely a real keeper as a 90s album. Interesting you mention Truganini because I recall it being my favourite track at the time also. It was the one where the volume knob required to be cranked up a notch or three. You’re lucky to have the CD. I have the tape.

Are you referring to the “Another Road Side Attraction” concert at Landsdown? What a show!

You got it sir! That was a great show. Just curious…what’s a tape?

ha ha…nice try. You’re older than me.

oh, oh, oh….I was IN that white convertible WITH you…sorry, does that make you less cool?? haha
Before I even read the blog, I saw the title and thought, now THERE’s a spring/summer song, or album I daresay….I remember them blowing everyone off the stage at that concert, and that says a ton, given the line-up that year.
Great choice!!!

Nothing could make me less cool. You are right about it being a great spring summer tune though! I too have great memories of that concert and you are right, they were on fire.

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