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Radiohead’s Exit Song (For A Film)

Posted on: May 22, 2009

So I have this mixed cd that I pop into the CD player in my bedroom frequently. It’s filled up with tunes that I like to wake up to. Usually the theme here is that it starts off quiet and builds to being noisy enough for me to be no longer sleeping. So I set the timer on my stereo to turn on at 6:30AM lets say and then I am serenaded awake. I popped that cd in last night and then fell asleep dreaming of lemons, puppies, pretty flowers, clouds and crystal meth thanks to a post a friend of mine made on Facebook yesterday.

ok compAnyway, I woke up to the subtle sounds of Thom Yorke strumming his acoustic guitar. That’s a lie actually. I don’t think I actually woke up until he started singing Exit Music (For A Film). What a friggin great tune. I proceeded to repeat that track at least 5 times on my headphones (so I could crank it) before I got up. To date, OK Computer is still my favorite Radiohead album and its one that I can’t get enough of, a staple so to speak.

There are a couple goose bump moments for me in this song. I know, I know I’m a cheese ball but that’s how music effects me I can’t help it. Around 2:50 of the song there’s this grinding distortion sound that kicks in that I absolutely digg. Then of course there is the intensity of the song’s climax at about one minute remaining. I remember when I saw Radiohead live on this tour back in 1997 I also thought it was quite cool that the use of a transistor radio as an instrument was incorporated into the performance. On the original track off of the CD Thom Yorke’s vocals are quite impressive. A funny thing happens to me at this end of this song as well; I inevitably burst out laughing if it is the first time I have heard it in a few days. The last lyric of the song, “We hope that you choke – that you choke”, clearly not meant to be humorous, always catches me off guard. Does that make me strange? Don’t answer that.

The version of “Exit Song (For A Film)” that I have posted here is a live version because when I think of this song, I think of it live. I can highly recommend this track and this CD as a whole. If you don’t have it already, get on with it – today. If you do, then whip it out when you get home tonight and blast this track. Like all music of this variety, lights out between the two speakers is a great way to experience it fully.

This is your Life of Tunes keeper – enjoy!

Artist: Radiohead
Album: OK Computer (1997)
Track: Exit Song (For A Film)


3 Responses to "Radiohead’s Exit Song (For A Film)"

The problem with Ok Computer is that it is too good. Pure genius. I can’t listen to it too often because it diminishes it’s grandiosity. Mind you I heard it plenty in 1997.

oh, I forgot to mention that I have to hate you now for having seen them in ’97…lucky bastard!

That was a fantastic show. Really. It has to be up there in my top 10 for sure perhaps even top 5 but then I haven’t seen The Spice Girls so my pool is pretty weak…

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