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Run Lola Run – and you guys too!

Posted on: May 22, 2009

In honor of friends that are running races this weekend I decided to post in the spirit of the run. Run Lola Run is a fantastic movie with an equally stellar soundtrack. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see this flick I highly recommend it. Even with the subtitles. The soundtrack is perfectly suited to the film. Below I have posted a montage of the film scenes to its music. Good luck to all!

lolaThe track was written by three men its director Tom Tykwer, and two music producers John Klimek, and Rynhold Heil. The film Run Lola Run was released in 1998 originally and 1999 in North America. Do yourself a favor and pick both the movie and the soundtrack up as soon as you can

Great movie, great music, and hopefully lots of motivation for all you runners out there.



4 Responses to "Run Lola Run – and you guys too!"

Shizer Manni, shizer! A classic movie. To be seen with a very good sound system cranked up high. Great for running indeed! Germans know their techno like nobody else.

LOL – After making this post I promised myself that’s exactly what I would do. I need to get on that. 🙂

Thanks, dude! 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed watching this today. Truly the best soundtrack to run to, for SURE.

I am sure that reading this post placed you at least 10 spots ahead in your run 😉 Congrats again on your accomplishment. This post is getting quite a few views actually, it must be a spring runner thing. Hmmmm lets see more songs about running….

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