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Hiking with “All The Wild Horses” and Ray Lamontagne

Posted on: May 24, 2009

I went hiking in the hills with my daughter today and in the beautiful sunshine. This is truly one of my favorite things to do.  Ironically while I am in nature and it is quiet except for that buzz and the rustling leaves  it is one of the few times that I am able to forego music, at least for a while. We were on a 3km hike and about one third of the way into the trek after periods of silence and chatting we came to an opening in the trees that looked out into an expanding valley below us. It was absolutely stunning to look at. I still can see the perfect image in my memory complete with the sounds and smells of a spring forest.

troubleAbove us the sky was the bluest blue with clusters of white puffy clouds and from that scene a song popped into my head clear as the day. I couldn’t get it out of my head for some time after that moment. This song, All The Wild Horses by Ray Lamontagne is uncomplicated and yet fascinating to me lyrically. Depending on the day or the time or the mood or the relationship it can mean so many different things to me. In many ways it is a very simple song as many of the best are. It’s also an especially quiet song; some might say sad or even depressing. I don’t see it that way. Today it was telling me that even though I have a lot of BS going on in my life the one thing I can do is be true to me. The rest, like the clouds, I can just let roll away. Thanks Ray, I needed that.

All The Wild Horses – Ray Lamontagne

All the wild horses, all the wild horses

Tethered with tears in their eyes

May no man’s touch ever tame you

May no man’s reigns ever chain you

And may no man’s weight ever lay freight your soul

And as for the clouds just let them roll

roll away, roll away

As for the clouds, just let them roll

roll away, roll away…

Have a look at the lyrics above again. What do they mean to you? This last track off his first release “Trouble”, was written by Ray Lamontagne himself like all of his songs. In this case I believe it is only Ray on vocal and guitar and accompaniment by Sara Watkins on violin, that’s it. Wherever it is that you have the ability to listen to music loud and uninterrupted is the place you need to listen to this song. I highly recommend that you take a hike of your own, and bring your iPod along for the journey. Then take a moment to just experience your environment and listen to this song. I am sure it will mean something totally different for you but mean something nonetheless.


Enjoy All The Wild Horses by Ray Lamontagne today. It’s your Life of Tunes keeper!

Artist: Ray Lamontagne
Album: Trouble (2004)
Track: All The Wild Horses


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