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Are You A Fool In Your Quest For Gold?

Posted on: May 31, 2009

Fools Gold as per is defined as “iron or copper pyrites, sometimes mistaken for gold.” I’m not sure that’s what The Stone Roses were referring to in this 1989 classic Madchester tune. For me Fools Gold the song is more about our futile pursuit of the things in life that they think are going to make them happy. When I say they, I really mean me.  Once and a while I catch myself wishing I had some thing that would make me happy. Today it was my car. It’s about on its last legs and sounds like a cross between a tank and a metronome driving down the street right now. I actually heard myself think, I will be so happy when I get a new car. I didn’t even just mean, it will make me happy for the moment, I meant my life will be better. How pathetic really. Anyway the good news I was aware of how ridiculous this was in reality and moved on with my day.

stoneFool’s Gold popped into my head as I was engaging in this internal banter with myself. It is a kind of warning for me, a reminder that happiness comes from being content with what I have right now, not living in the future. How profound eh? I know, I know it’s irritatingly soapboxish (yes that’s a real word in the Life of Tunes dictionary – look it up!) of me to pontificate about such things but this is what I was thinking. It’s how I came to want to crank this tune today and I kind of like that a great song can teach me something about living my life and the life lived can remind me of the song again. It’s the circle of Life of Tunes!

Fools Gold by The Stone Roses ranks very high on my all time favourite tuners list. I love so much about this track. Great funky rhythms, percussion and some really cool guitar riffs. This is a song that screams highway to me and it ends of on many of my road trip mixed CD’s or playlists. Listen to this track now wherever you are. Get the CD if you don’t already have it. Hear the message. The video quality below isn’t great so if you would prefer better quality and audio only you can listen to it hereFools Gold is a Life of Tunes keeper of the supreme variety.

Artist: The Stone Roses
Album: The Stone Roses (1989)
Track: Fools Gold


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