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New Dave Matthews Band!

Posted on: June 3, 2009

I was sitting here feeling like hearing something new today when I remembered it’s Wednesday. Duh, new stuff comes out on Tuesday! Then in the middle of this thought, it hit me….Dave Matthews Band! Dave Matthews new CD was out yesterday. This feeling could mostly certainly make my own list of 1000 Awesome Things. 1000 Awesome Things is a fantastic blog about life’s daily treasures. It has become part of my reading regimen is quite fun to check out daily. There is nothing better than when you realize that one of your favorite artists has a new CD out and you totally forgot about it. You don’t have to count the days to release date or listen to snippets here and there on various websites. It’s the real deal here and now. Truly awesome!

big whiskySince Life of Tunes has not reached MTV or VH1 proportions I did not have the pleasure of an advanced copy of this new Dave Matthews Band release. I can now however pick up my own copy and that is exactly what I did I love what I am hearing so far. I am not sure if Dave Matthews is even capable of putting out anything less than great in the music department and Big Whisky and The GrooGrux King is no exception. This album is most certainly going to be a Life of Tunes keeper but I will resist the urge to label it so until I have had a few more days to absorb what I am hearing. Spaceman, Baby Blue and You and Me are all tracks that stuck out immediately for me in addition to the first single off of Big Whisky and The GrooGrux King, Funny The Way It Is.

Below is a live video performance of The Dave Matthews Band doing Funny The Way It Is and if you would like to hear the studio version which I recommend, you can listen to that below as well.


Pick up this future Life of Tunes keeper today enjoy!


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