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Danger Buds – Brought To You By The Number 7 And The Letter W

Posted on: June 4, 2009

A while back I was at a friend’s house and a few of us we were sitting around chatting and having a beer. As is par for the course I was distracted by some music I was hearing and could not stop doing the ole noggin shaker while everything else started to turn Charlie Brownish. I was the kid and they were the adults and I all could hear was “wah-wha-wha-wah” and a wicked tune in perfect clarity. I decided that it wasn’t proper for me to be off in la-la land whilst consuming their top notch beverages so I interrupted my daydream to ask what we were listening to. The response I got was Chris Joss.

“Chris who”, I said?joss

Chris Joss”…

“Moss”? ….

”No Joss”……

”Chris Joss?”


Who is Chris Joss?”

My friend proceeded to tell me a little about the man and a little more about the music not that it really mattered at that point. I already knew I was going to rush home and download whatever I could find of Chris Joss and that’s exactly what I did. I think it was 2:30AM when I crawled into bed that night very fond of his Teraphonic Overdubs CD and specifically the song Granted. I was content to have found something new and exciting to sink my teeth into musically. This sounded to me like great background party music. Dance music for people who hate dance music was something that came to mind that night as well. Images of artsy 70’s movies were flashing through my mind’s eye through this musical journey.

Today I am going through many of my bookmarked links looking for updates and news on artists I follow and was elated to see that Chris Joss has a new CD out recently, called Sticks. I was equally surprised to find that he has a video out from Sticks called Danger Buds. Great tune. Great music. For some reason this tune makes me think of that classic Sesame Street episode that was brought to us by the number 7 and the letter w. You know the one.

“Danger Buds” by Chris Joss is a Life of Tunes keeper and a trippy feel good funk tune to boot. A fun video too!

Enjoy and check out more of Chris Joss as soon as you can!


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Good call

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