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She Talks To Angels

Posted on: June 5, 2009

There is something exciting about new music. Something unheard or unknown but great, brings about an excitement that is rare so I am always on the lookout. Let me go on record right now as saying that some people are so eager to “discover” new music that they discover crap and label it great. I am disturbed by how often I see recommendations for music that I find ridiculous. It’s way too easy to criticize though and not remember that there are without a doubt many folks out there who thing the music I like is crap. So the message I guess, is to live and let live and try not to judge others for being ridiculous. Sorry, I got a little distracted there. The point is I love new music that I love. Clear?

warpaintIn my endeavor to find some new music yesterday I stumbled across The Black Crowes. The Black Crowes are not new music, of that I am aware. They are however a band that I remember feeling that excited new band feeling about when Shake Your Money Maker came out in 1990. I actually recall having a conversation with a good friend about how great it was to be around to witness the birth of a band that would be around forever. We were here to see it and to be able to follow and grow with them.  Naive I know, but real nonetheless. I never bought their third album and havent really listened to them much since their second CD Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. I’m not sure what happened but I just lost interest. Perhaps it was all the BS that seemed to surround them all the time or the immature antics. It’s a shame really because there was a lot of talent. I was browsing around looking for old notes on The Black Crowes and was amazed to see that they are back at it after their hiatus. They are on tour as we speak and had a new CD out last year called “Warpaint”. Who knew? For a sample of what their latest offering has for you, you can listen here. I actually like what I hear, perhaps they are back on the road to Life of Tunes keeper status again. Their newest CD Warpaint is in the pike of music to listen to this week.

So in the end I find some new old music. Perhaps I will fall in love with them all over again. For today I will celebrate my “find” with one of their old standbys off of their best and first album Shake Your Money Maker, “She Talks To Angels.”

She Talks To Angels is an amazing track and a Life of Tunes keeper.

Artist: The Black Crowes
Album: Shake Your Money Maker (199o)
Track: She Talks To Angels


1 Response to "She Talks To Angels"

One of the best sing-a-long songs back in the day, eh? 🙂

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