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This page is about pure music. Band’s that I am listening to, new artists or just really smart tunes that I have heard recently. Let me know what you think? What’s your favourite song of the moment? What have you just discovered? So often people are hesitant to come out with a recommendation for fear that someone else will beat them down for not already knowing them. Balderdash! That’s just plain silly. Let ME know. I want to discover all I can, you never know, it might just become a Life of Tunes keeper!


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Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

One of the things I love about music is discovering new cool sounds. Not in an “I found this first” or “look who is new and hip” kind of way – more of a personally discovery kind of thing. I came across this band Mogwai today while I was skulking around and I loved what I heard. I have never heard of them before, I know nothing about them, and I am sure they are huge and I just didn’t know it. Happens all the time. Anyway, pop this on during your coffee break today. Click on the link above. It’s like 11 minutes or something. Or just listen to a few minutes, either way on first listen they sound like a Life of Tunes keeper to me.

Watch “I Heart You Online” Ukulele Song and more funny videos on CollegeHumor

I think someone has a little budding career on the go! Cute.

This track is an early morning staple for me. The band is called “The Feeling” and this tune is “Fill My Little World”. Follow the link above and choose if you need a little pick me up at lunch today! Check it out cause it’s a Life of Tunes Keeper!

A buddy of mine sent me a heads up about these guys a couple of weeks back and I have been listening like crazy. Check it out, it just might be a Life of Tunes keeper!

Found myself cranking Ben Folds and Regina Spektor’s “You Don’t Know Me at All” this morning in the car….give it a listen at a very loud volume.

I will absolutely do that, momentarily actually!

Please check this out online at:

Hey all. Just winding my day down with one of my many mellow playlists. I hadn’t heard this song in quite some time but I have always loved it and it was great to hear tonight. A great final note on the day. A Life of Tunes keeper without a doubt.

Check it out here. Nighty nite.

Wakey Wakey. This is a tune by “The Audition” which I love to crank in the car in the morning. It warm’s me up for my day!


Hi All,

I am sure you have been thinking “I really need to hear a funky instrumental with a great beat with my lunch today.” Well here it is. Check this out right now! It is most certainly a Life of Tunes keeper and it just happens to be a great ring tone as well.

Happy Friday!

I hate this song! lol BUT you do what you gotta do! 😉

To each his/her own. I never mind when people don’t realize they are wrong;)

My good friend called me yesterday for lunch while I was listening to tunes of course. Her ring tone though had me singing along as well so I thought I would share it with you today. Its a Life of Tunes keeper and a pretty funny video too.


Everything You've Done Wrong @ Yahoo! Video

Being that its Sunday and all. Enjoy – man I love this song.

Short and sweet.

My itunes inspired alarm clock woke me up with this song today. A great tune, followed up by a good laugh on the second video. Both courtesy of Mr. Dave Barnes.

One of my all time favorite songs. Quite possibly my all time favorite song. It’s a shame I was never able to see Stevie Ray live in concert. I know there are many Hendrix fans out there that will disagree with me but in my opinion this is better than the original. Watch and listen, then of course download it and get it up at ear bleeding volume with all the lights off. I love how you can hear the amps buzzing on the track. I have no doubt this song and this artist will make it to the full post page at some point.

This video is actually a Fender promotion so there its a little different than the full track but you get the picture.

Enjoy, its a Life of Tunes keeper!

I need to work out a better iPod shuffling system to ensure I am winding down at 12:18 at night instead of getting pumped up with distortion. What may be a restless sleep for me may be a wake up call for you tomorrow. Enjoy!

It’s a Life of Tunes keeper!

I have been listening to my old Cracker cd “Kerosene Hat” recently and loving it as usual. The plan is to share one of my Life of Tunes keepers from this cd in the days ahead. Anyway, i had put a note on my Blackberry to check their website to see what’s new with them and low and behold, they have a anew cd out! Who knew!!

I am loving this new track I pulled off their website and will pick up the latest release called “Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey” in the near future. This particular track is called “Turn On, Tune In Drop Out With Me.” Enjoy it and keep your ears open for an upcoming Life of Tunes keeper by Cracker.

I am not sure I agree with Ben Folds when he tells me in this track that pretty soon “I will be an old bastard too” but I know I love this tune. I have been listening to Mr. Folds this evening and this track stuck out for me. The la la las at about the halfway point make think of hand-gliding for some reason?!?! I know – it’s messed up. Or I am rather 😉

A Life of Tunes keeper for sure!

Enjoy Bastard by Ben Folds here!

G’day Lifer’s. Been listening to older Weezer stuff this AM. I thought you might enjoy this little pick me up over lunch.

Enjoy – It’s a Life of Tunes keeper!

Weezer – Undone (The Sweater Song)

Happy Monday!

This am I was in the car and had forgotten my CD binder in the house so I popped on the radio and hit “scan”. This tune was on and just finishing up. While I’m not a huge KT Tunstall I recall being pretty impressed with her “one man show” live version of this tune. Check it out it’s pretty kewl Enjoy!

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