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I had a friend ask me recently what my favorite song about spring was. My answer even surprised me actually. The song, as far as I know has absolutely nothing to do with spring. There is no doubt however that when I hear this song I think of spring. “Gift Shop” by The Tragically Hip is by far the song the makes me think of spring most. I saw them in Syracuse the year that Trouble at the Henhouse was released and I believe it was spring when a few of us hopped into my little Honda CRX and hit the highway. What a great show that was. It was a small venue for that band and the result was a very intimate concert that kicked ass! Check out Gift Shop here – then download it and crank it. It’s a Life of Tunes keeper. You have to click on this link and give it a listen – think of all your awesome spring road trips when you do. What are your favorite spring songs?

trouble at the henhouse


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One of my favourite songs of spring (which incidentally I sang for karaoke night a few months back, for better or for worse), is Sheryl Crow’s Every Day is a Winding Road. It’s a great roll-down-the-car-windows-on-a-sunny-day-and-crank-it kind of tune. There are some funky riffs in there. Enjoy!

Every Day Is A Winding Road – Sheryl Crow


Thanks Steph! I am sure it was delightful.

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