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  1. Last night I watched a movie that shall remain nameless for the time being so that I don’t spoil it for anyone. In this movie there was a plane crash. I had a song pop into my head for like a millisecond and then “poof” – gone. It was driving me crazy but I could not think of the name or tune of it no matter how hard I tried.
  2. The movie ended with a scene that reminded me of another movie I saw in the 90’s called Fire In The Sky. This is a pretty good movie which had the desired effect as I recall. My friend and I who saw it were both feeling quite “anxious” as I recall on the drive home.
  3. This reminded me of my family’s 1987 GMC Safari that I was driving that night and how much I loved cranking tunes in that van when I was a teen. I clearly remember blasting 13 Engines, a fun Canadian 90’s band in that van. There is no reason for me thinking of this in particular, it was just a flash.
  4. This first vehicle of my youth reminded me of when I bought my own first car, a 1983 Volvo GLT. Man I loved that car. This morphed into a memory of my friend and I driving at night with the moon roof open in the mountains and singing Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd at the top of our lungs.
  5. Pink Floyd made me think of when I travelled to Toronto in the late 90’s to see them live with a few friends and what an amazing show that was.
  6. Pondering this trip made me recall a good friend of mine at the time and how I haven’t talked to him in many years now. He had a Renault Alliance, burnt orange or reddish or something if I remember correctly. For some reason this car made me think of Credence Clearwater Revival. I am not even sure if he liked CCR but this was my memory nonetheless.
  7. CCR made me think of another movie that I really enjoyed (for the soundtrack and the scenery) called Indian Summer. This made me start to sing “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah” by Allan Sherman for some reason. I am pretty sure that this track was in the movie but I am not absolutely certain.
  8. “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah” made me think of camping when I was a kid.
  9. Camping made me think of the brand of trailer that we had when I was growing up. It was a Travelaire I am pretty sure.
  10. Memories of camping with my family in my childhood made me think of all the great trips we did growing up. This was the first thing that I thought of when I woke up this morning and the train of memories continued from there.
  11. A specific memory of my Dad backing down a narrow mountain road while towing our trailer then popped into my head along with the recollection that this took place somewhere on the east coast.
  12. East coast travel made me think of travel there with my own family in recent years.
  13. This brought about a recollection of a trip where the Lenny Kravitz 5 CD was played over and over again. Great CD!
  14. Traveling, music, east coast, family, driving, singing at the top of your lungs, overplaying great CD’s and a realization that music really is the most prominent part of my memory reminds me of a specific holiday I took with my girls. The soundtrack of this journey included Mr. A-Z by Jason Mraz at great length.
  15. Thinking of this CD made my favorite song from it pop immediately into my head. The title of this song is “Plane”. Great song.
  16. Plane by Jason Mraz is also the song I was trying to remember the name of while I was watching that movie last night. I have been stewing on that for over 8 hours and finally I have my answer. Man my brain is messed up! The good news is that 8 hours later I am no longer obsessed and using 80% brain capacity to try and remember the name of the friggin song that was on my mind during that plane crash scene.


Today’s Life of Tunes keeper is Plane by Jason Mraz. As I mentioned this is my favorite track of the Mr. A-Z CD. I have included the video of a pretty good live version that I stumbled upon. Of course as always I have posted the original studio version of the track as well and you can listen to that below.


Artist: Jason Mraz
Album: Mr. A-Z (2005) 
Track: Plane



The mind works in mysterious ways. Today was a nostalgic music day for me. My recent post on an UNKLE song resulted in a friend of mine recommending The Flaming Lips latest CD to me. The moment I read the words The Flaming Lips my mind was off and running, recalling song after song from back in the 90’s when the King Missile song Detachable Penis was covered by The Flaming Lips. It had me thinking about CD’s Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins, Elastica and The Breeders. I started digging through some stuff and the first song that I found was The Breeders Cannonball.  I am still not sure how I feel about the whole thing. At first I just cranked the CD Last Splash and I really got into it, Cannonball is a cool high energy tune and it was a nice change from some of the more mellow tunes of the past few days.


Fast forward to tonight and I know I am posting on this because it has been stuck in my head all day. I dig up the video online and it kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit. What do I expect when I dig up a 1993 video right? Anyway, it’s been good fun rediscovering some of the stuff from the earlier 90’s today and I am sure those discs will be hanging around for a few days. You never know you may just get to sample a few others here on Life of Tunes.

Is it a Life of Tunes keeper? Perhaps we should just leave well enough alone and just enjoy it for what it is.

Artist: The Breeders
Album: Last Splash (1993)
Track: Cannonball

There is something exciting about new music. Something unheard or unknown but great, brings about an excitement that is rare so I am always on the lookout. Let me go on record right now as saying that some people are so eager to “discover” new music that they discover crap and label it great. I am disturbed by how often I see recommendations for music that I find ridiculous. It’s way too easy to criticize though and not remember that there are without a doubt many folks out there who thing the music I like is crap. So the message I guess, is to live and let live and try not to judge others for being ridiculous. Sorry, I got a little distracted there. The point is I love new music that I love. Clear?

warpaintIn my endeavor to find some new music yesterday I stumbled across The Black Crowes. The Black Crowes are not new music, of that I am aware. They are however a band that I remember feeling that excited new band feeling about when Shake Your Money Maker came out in 1990. I actually recall having a conversation with a good friend about how great it was to be around to witness the birth of a band that would be around forever. We were here to see it and to be able to follow and grow with them.  Naive I know, but real nonetheless. I never bought their third album and havent really listened to them much since their second CD Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. I’m not sure what happened but I just lost interest. Perhaps it was all the BS that seemed to surround them all the time or the immature antics. It’s a shame really because there was a lot of talent. I was browsing around looking for old notes on The Black Crowes and was amazed to see that they are back at it after their hiatus. They are on tour as we speak and had a new CD out last year called “Warpaint”. Who knew? For a sample of what their latest offering has for you, you can listen here. I actually like what I hear, perhaps they are back on the road to Life of Tunes keeper status again. Their newest CD Warpaint is in the pike of music to listen to this week.

So in the end I find some new old music. Perhaps I will fall in love with them all over again. For today I will celebrate my “find” with one of their old standbys off of their best and first album Shake Your Money Maker, “She Talks To Angels.”

She Talks To Angels is an amazing track and a Life of Tunes keeper.

Artist: The Black Crowes
Album: Shake Your Money Maker (199o)
Track: She Talks To Angels

You are the benefit this morning of another tune that woke me up. “Cuando Los Angeles Lloran by Maná comes from my morning alarm clock CD and quietly woke me up this morning. This is a band that I really came to appreciate through family members of mine living down in Mexico. This track is from the album Maná TV Unplugged in 1999.  I have loved many CD’s actually from the MTV Unplugged series.

Cuando Los Angeles Lloran is a song that I immediately loved off this CD and as is the case with most music of another language I don’t have a clue what the lyrics talk about. This to me is a real testament to the gift of Music. It can draw you and help you relate to other cultures across the world without a word spoken.

mana unpThe MTV Unplugged CD is fantastic as a whole. I just love to listen to this CD in the car while on a road trip, I can’t explain why. Watch the video below off the Maná TV Unplugged DVD to get a taste for the talent of this amazing band, and then pick up this CD or DVD.

Cuando Los Angeles Lloran by Maná is most certainly a Life of Tunes keeper and it deserves your attention.

Artist: Maná
Album: MTV Unplugged (1999)
Track: Cuando Los Angeles Lloran

I dare you not to tap your foot when you listen to this song. I double dog dare you. This popped up today and I literally RAN across the room to crank it up. I would have heard the neighbors banging I am sure if I didn’t have my sub woofer rattling the windows.

The Mahones are a band that I used to listen to a lot and haven’t really paid much attention to in the last few years for no particular reason. I was happy to see when I checked their website that they are still alive and kicking. These guys always put a smile on my face. One of my most played CD’s of all time was “Draggin’ The Days” from 1994.  In the end I had to replace this CD at least twice. I abused it so badly with overuse that they would not play.drag

Drunken Lazy Bastard was always my favorite high energy song off Draggin The Days, though my all-time favorite was actually a ballad (if you could call it that) called London.  You can listen to “London” here as well. Any serious sounding ballad that mentions 15 pints of Guinness is a winner in my mind. This is a band that has moved on to many of my friends through word of mouth – check them out.

Fun, party high energy band with quite a bit of talent in my book and I highly recommend picking up this CD. Check out “Drunken Lazy Bastard” at the link below.


This Mahone’s song is near the top of my Life of Tunes keeper list. It always makes me smile, it always gets me singing and it always gets me tapping my foot. I dare you to try not to.

Artist: The Mahones
Album: Draggin’ The Days (1994)
Track: Drunken Lazy Bastard

In honor of friends that are running races this weekend I decided to post in the spirit of the run. Run Lola Run is a fantastic movie with an equally stellar soundtrack. If you haven’t had an opportunity to see this flick I highly recommend it. Even with the subtitles. The soundtrack is perfectly suited to the film. Below I have posted a montage of the film scenes to its music. Good luck to all!

lolaThe track was written by three men its director Tom Tykwer, and two music producers John Klimek, and Rynhold Heil. The film Run Lola Run was released in 1998 originally and 1999 in North America. Do yourself a favor and pick both the movie and the soundtrack up as soon as you can

Great movie, great music, and hopefully lots of motivation for all you runners out there.


So I have this mixed cd that I pop into the CD player in my bedroom frequently. It’s filled up with tunes that I like to wake up to. Usually the theme here is that it starts off quiet and builds to being noisy enough for me to be no longer sleeping. So I set the timer on my stereo to turn on at 6:30AM lets say and then I am serenaded awake. I popped that cd in last night and then fell asleep dreaming of lemons, puppies, pretty flowers, clouds and crystal meth thanks to a post a friend of mine made on Facebook yesterday.

ok compAnyway, I woke up to the subtle sounds of Thom Yorke strumming his acoustic guitar. That’s a lie actually. I don’t think I actually woke up until he started singing Exit Music (For A Film). What a friggin great tune. I proceeded to repeat that track at least 5 times on my headphones (so I could crank it) before I got up. To date, OK Computer is still my favorite Radiohead album and its one that I can’t get enough of, a staple so to speak.

There are a couple goose bump moments for me in this song. I know, I know I’m a cheese ball but that’s how music effects me I can’t help it. Around 2:50 of the song there’s this grinding distortion sound that kicks in that I absolutely digg. Then of course there is the intensity of the song’s climax at about one minute remaining. I remember when I saw Radiohead live on this tour back in 1997 I also thought it was quite cool that the use of a transistor radio as an instrument was incorporated into the performance. On the original track off of the CD Thom Yorke’s vocals are quite impressive. A funny thing happens to me at this end of this song as well; I inevitably burst out laughing if it is the first time I have heard it in a few days. The last lyric of the song, “We hope that you choke – that you choke”, clearly not meant to be humorous, always catches me off guard. Does that make me strange? Don’t answer that.

The version of “Exit Song (For A Film)” that I have posted here is a live version because when I think of this song, I think of it live. I can highly recommend this track and this CD as a whole. If you don’t have it already, get on with it – today. If you do, then whip it out when you get home tonight and blast this track. Like all music of this variety, lights out between the two speakers is a great way to experience it fully.

This is your Life of Tunes keeper – enjoy!

Artist: Radiohead
Album: OK Computer (1997)
Track: Exit Song (For A Film)

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