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kasabianHappy Monday! For some reason I woke up this AM with a lot of energy. I’m not sure how to be honest. I was away all weekend and came back last night exhausted. Perhaps a good night’s sleep in your own bed is worth three in a strange one. The point is, somehow this morning I am feeling perky. In anticipation of a late morning crash I have elected to try and keep the momentum going with some good new music. Since last week I have been listening to the latest release by Kasabian and I am addicted to the first single “Fire” off of  West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.

It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. I am worried actually that I will be sick of it by the end of the month. For now though I thought I would share it with you and maybe let it go in the process.

This track makes me want to be up and doing something which is exactly what I need on a Monday morning. Kasabian other offerings, their self titled CD “Kasabian” and second release “Empire” are both well worth a listen of you haven’t had the opportunity to peruse these as well.

Fire by Kasabian is a Life of Tunes keeper and my little gift to you today.


Artist: Kasabian
Album: West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum (2009)
Track: Fire


mgmtI can’t get this freaking song out of my head. Time To Pretend by MGMT is a song that a friend played for me today without much fanfare at the time. I’ve tried to get the electronic popish song out of my head with a plenitude of other songs, group’s, bands, singers and the like. Ever since I heard this song earlier today it has been stuck in my head. It’s so bloody catchy that I had to look the band MGMT up when I got home tonight. I must say that my immediate reaction to the Time To Pretend video off their Oracular Spectacular CD was “Wow, these guys need a bigger budget!” The thing is the video is a bit distracting to the music I find. I have a feeling that MGMT knows exactly what they are going after here though. On its own, I can’t help but laugh at the production. It kind of makes me giggle! In the end I will give you both options and let you decide but I suggest you listen to the song first without video a couple of times.


You will be bopping the entire time. After you have a real appreciation for the song on its own, then check out the video.


Life of Tunes keeper? Perhaps, I’ll keep you posted. Until then enjoy!

Artist: MGMT
Album: Oracular Spectacular (2008)
Track: Time To Pretend

New Music! New Music! New Music!

Know that when I say “new” that I mean new to me of course. I am sure there are many people out there that have been listening to The Boxer Rebellion long before today but for me they are a new discovery a short time ago. I am so excited that I decided to post again shortly after my She Talks To Angels post not too long ago.


Union by The Boxer Rebellion is blowing me away. I have been listening to it nonstop today and all I can say is wow! What an easy like. Some CD’s take a few rounds before they start to feel like home but Union had me listening intently and wondering if the next song was going to be as good as the last. The Boxer Rebellion does not disappoint.

Video is hard to come by with reasonable quality so far with these guys so I am sharing two things with you today. The first is the track that sold me on my first listen this morning, Flashing Red Light Means Go. What a great tune.


Arriving at The Boxer Rebellion website will immediately bring you to a 22 minute “In Session” video as well which is well worth the watch if you have the time. You must hear this band today.  There is not much better than finding new music before you head out for a Friday night and you still have time to download from iTunes or Amazon and burn this or stop at a nearby CD shop to pick it up.

Enjoy this Life of Tunes keeper with friends tonight and happy Friday!

Artist: The Boxer Rebellion
Album: Union (2009)
Track: Flashing Red Light Means Go

There is something exciting about new music. Something unheard or unknown but great, brings about an excitement that is rare so I am always on the lookout. Let me go on record right now as saying that some people are so eager to “discover” new music that they discover crap and label it great. I am disturbed by how often I see recommendations for music that I find ridiculous. It’s way too easy to criticize though and not remember that there are without a doubt many folks out there who thing the music I like is crap. So the message I guess, is to live and let live and try not to judge others for being ridiculous. Sorry, I got a little distracted there. The point is I love new music that I love. Clear?

warpaintIn my endeavor to find some new music yesterday I stumbled across The Black Crowes. The Black Crowes are not new music, of that I am aware. They are however a band that I remember feeling that excited new band feeling about when Shake Your Money Maker came out in 1990. I actually recall having a conversation with a good friend about how great it was to be around to witness the birth of a band that would be around forever. We were here to see it and to be able to follow and grow with them.  Naive I know, but real nonetheless. I never bought their third album and havent really listened to them much since their second CD Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. I’m not sure what happened but I just lost interest. Perhaps it was all the BS that seemed to surround them all the time or the immature antics. It’s a shame really because there was a lot of talent. I was browsing around looking for old notes on The Black Crowes and was amazed to see that they are back at it after their hiatus. They are on tour as we speak and had a new CD out last year called “Warpaint”. Who knew? For a sample of what their latest offering has for you, you can listen here. I actually like what I hear, perhaps they are back on the road to Life of Tunes keeper status again. Their newest CD Warpaint is in the pike of music to listen to this week.

So in the end I find some new old music. Perhaps I will fall in love with them all over again. For today I will celebrate my “find” with one of their old standbys off of their best and first album Shake Your Money Maker, “She Talks To Angels.”

She Talks To Angels is an amazing track and a Life of Tunes keeper.

Artist: The Black Crowes
Album: Shake Your Money Maker (199o)
Track: She Talks To Angels

A while back I was at a friend’s house and a few of us we were sitting around chatting and having a beer. As is par for the course I was distracted by some music I was hearing and could not stop doing the ole noggin shaker while everything else started to turn Charlie Brownish. I was the kid and they were the adults and I all could hear was “wah-wha-wha-wah” and a wicked tune in perfect clarity. I decided that it wasn’t proper for me to be off in la-la land whilst consuming their top notch beverages so I interrupted my daydream to ask what we were listening to. The response I got was Chris Joss.

“Chris who”, I said?joss

Chris Joss”…

“Moss”? ….

”No Joss”……

”Chris Joss?”


Who is Chris Joss?”

My friend proceeded to tell me a little about the man and a little more about the music not that it really mattered at that point. I already knew I was going to rush home and download whatever I could find of Chris Joss and that’s exactly what I did. I think it was 2:30AM when I crawled into bed that night very fond of his Teraphonic Overdubs CD and specifically the song Granted. I was content to have found something new and exciting to sink my teeth into musically. This sounded to me like great background party music. Dance music for people who hate dance music was something that came to mind that night as well. Images of artsy 70’s movies were flashing through my mind’s eye through this musical journey.

Today I am going through many of my bookmarked links looking for updates and news on artists I follow and was elated to see that Chris Joss has a new CD out recently, called Sticks. I was equally surprised to find that he has a video out from Sticks called Danger Buds. Great tune. Great music. For some reason this tune makes me think of that classic Sesame Street episode that was brought to us by the number 7 and the letter w. You know the one.

“Danger Buds” by Chris Joss is a Life of Tunes keeper and a trippy feel good funk tune to boot. A fun video too!

Enjoy and check out more of Chris Joss as soon as you can!

I was sitting here feeling like hearing something new today when I remembered it’s Wednesday. Duh, new stuff comes out on Tuesday! Then in the middle of this thought, it hit me….Dave Matthews Band! Dave Matthews new CD was out yesterday. This feeling could mostly certainly make my own list of 1000 Awesome Things. 1000 Awesome Things is a fantastic blog about life’s daily treasures. It has become part of my reading regimen is quite fun to check out daily. There is nothing better than when you realize that one of your favorite artists has a new CD out and you totally forgot about it. You don’t have to count the days to release date or listen to snippets here and there on various websites. It’s the real deal here and now. Truly awesome!

big whiskySince Life of Tunes has not reached MTV or VH1 proportions I did not have the pleasure of an advanced copy of this new Dave Matthews Band release. I can now however pick up my own copy and that is exactly what I did I love what I am hearing so far. I am not sure if Dave Matthews is even capable of putting out anything less than great in the music department and Big Whisky and The GrooGrux King is no exception. This album is most certainly going to be a Life of Tunes keeper but I will resist the urge to label it so until I have had a few more days to absorb what I am hearing. Spaceman, Baby Blue and You and Me are all tracks that stuck out immediately for me in addition to the first single off of Big Whisky and The GrooGrux King, Funny The Way It Is.

Below is a live video performance of The Dave Matthews Band doing Funny The Way It Is and if you would like to hear the studio version which I recommend, you can listen to that below as well.


Pick up this future Life of Tunes keeper today enjoy!

Today was a unique day for me. For the majority of the day I had no music due to circumstance.  As a Life of Tunes keener though, one of the things I do to have some extra fun with music is to ask my friends and family what they would like their ring tone to be on my Blackberry. One of the few calls I received today imprinted that ring tune in my head for the rest of the day. I had asked a good friend of mine what she would like her ring tune to be and she requested Groove Is In The Heart. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed even after Peter Bjorn and John’s new CD Living Thing came out she changed her request to Nothing To Worry About. There are just so many positives in this change of direction.

livingFirstly I no longer had to feign forgetfulness in my quest to find the classic Deee-Lite song requested. Secondly, her new choice in Peter Bjorn and John is a wicked tune and one that perks me right up every time she calls. Perhaps the greatest part of all is that when I hear this tune I can’t help but think of the video which is freaking hilarious to boot. Let’s play a little word association game. I’ll say the word and you think whatever comes to mind then we’ll see how close you are to the correct answer.  Elvis———-Break Dancing———-Leather———- Hairspray————Motorcycles. The correct answer is Nothing To Worry About by Peter Bjorn and John of course!

Have a look and a listen at Nothing To Worry About. This tune is a Life of Tunes keeper and a good laugh to boot.

For shits and giggles you can watch Deee-Lite’s Grove Is In The Heart here as well. Ok ok, you caught me – fine. I just watched it and it wasn’t as bad as I remember it.

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